Good morning, Grizzlies! Today is Friday, May 20th and it is a “B” day.

1. Attention, students! Your school computer and charger will be turned in to your math teacher today during your math class, so make sure you bring these things with you to class!
Also, locker cleanout is Monday, May 23rd during advisory. Please start taking nonessential locker items home so you have less to carry home on Monday! There will be no locker use after Monday!

2. The PKMS Rock Walk is today! The cost is $20 for two hours, $15 for an hour and a half, $10 for an hour, and $5 for a half hour. Money will be collected before going outside.

3. PKMS PBS Reminder: Be safe. Stay on the right side of the hallway, keep your hands to yourself, get what you need, and get to class!