Menu of PBIS Rewards

On the cart:

Jolly Ranchers                                                                                            3 Grizzly Bucks

Small Candy                                                                                                5 Grizzly Bucks

Large Candy                                                                                                15 Grizzly Bucks

Chips and Cookies                                                                                    15 Grizzly Bucks

In the case:

Kinetic sand                                                                                                30 Grizzly Bucks

Pop it                                                                                                            35 Grizzly Bucks

Hats                                                                                                               40 Grizzly Bucks

Belt Bag                                                                                                        45 Grizzly Bucks

Pop socket                                                                                                  45 Grizzly Bucks

Beauty organizer                                                                                      50 Grizzly Bucks

Sport ball                                                                                                     50 Grizzly Bucks

Games                                                                                                          60 Grizzly Bucks

Sketch pad and markers                                                                        60 Grizzly Bucks

Watercolor set                                                                                          60 Grizzly Bucks

Anime drawing book set                                                                        60 Grizzly Bucks

Lego set – small                                                                                         60 Grizzly Bucks

Metal frame bulletin board                                                                   60 Grizzly Bucks

Felt letter board                                                                                        60 Grizzly Bucks   

Inflatable battle game                                                                            60 Grizzly Bucks

Science experiment set                                                                          75 Grizzly Bucks

Think box                                                                                                    75 Grizzly Bucks

Space exploration set                                                                             75 Grizzly Bucks

Rocket launcher                                                                                        75 Grizzly Bucks

Custom candle set                                                                                    75 Grizzly Bucks

Marble pour out set                                                                                 75 Grizzly Bucks

Paint Pets set                                                                                             75 Grizzly Bucks

Hershey’s hot chocolate bomb set                                                    75 Grizzly Bucks

The feel better bag                                                                                  75 Grizzly Bucks

Blanket                                                                                                         80 Grizzly Bucks

Pillow                                                                                                            80 Grizzly Bucks

Lego set- large                                                                                           80 Grizzly Bucks

Heart light                                                                                                   80 Grizzly Bucks

Lightening bold light                                                                               80 Grizzly Bucks

Tubes of candy                                                                                          90 Grizzly Bucks

Headphones                                                                                               90 Grizzly Bucks

Video creator set                                                                                      90 Grizzly Bucks

Water bottle                                                                                              90 Grizzly Bucks

Large candy jars                                                                                        100 Grizzly Bucks

Mini skateboard                                                                                        100 Grizzly Bucks

Squish-Mellows                                                                                          120 Grizzly Bucks

Dart board                                                                                                  120 Grizzly Bucks

Basketball hoop                                                                                        150 Grizzly Bucks